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  • Cyber Crime and Real Estate!

    Thursday, March 3, 2016   /   by Jack Freiheit

    Cyber Crime and Real Estate!

    We know cyber crime is every where...right? I mean you can lay your credit card down with a techno data chip inside that's suppose to protect our identity...and have it read by somebody standing next to us. Security? Really? Cyber security experts tell us that Americans are way more unprotected than anyone would think. In fact, the next major act of war will not involve the military but come as a cyber assault with far reaching and crippling impact. These same experts, computer generals in my mind, have warned the president over and over again....sadly to say...to no avail. Even in real estate...closing activities have been hacked with wired money going not to lenders for payoffs or to sellers for proceeds...but right into the pockets of cyber thieves. And this brings to mind a few fundamentals which are worth reminding everyone about: 1) NEVER conduct business over unsecured WIFI (like your favorite coffee shop or gym). 2) CLEAN OUT your email account every day. 3) CHANGE PASSWORDS on a regular basis using complex configurations. Do it and win the cyber war!