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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Monday, May 13, 2024   /   by Barb Fessenbecker

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Source:  Quicken Loans

Selling a house can be stressful and it can be quite a challenge keeping your home spotless thoughout the time it’s on the market; especially if you have kids and pets. You’ll need to keep the interior of you house de-cluttered and  create spaces that are light, bright and inviting. In addition, you’ll need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice to allow for showings. The ultimate goal here is to get thru all of this stress by selling your house as quickly as possible for the best price.


Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of achieving this goal. In this article, we’ll walk you through the  steps that are necessary to prepare your house for the market. We’ll also share some key tips for selling it quickly.



Key Steps For Getting Your House Ready to Sell


Following these steps can help you get your house “Sold” as quickly as possible while reducing your stress levels during the process.


1. Finding the Right Agent


Yes, this is the first step! It’s important to find the right agent. Look for someone local and experienced. Someone who knows how to market your home using various methods to bring you the highest number of potential buyers. 


The main thing is to team up with an agent who really knows your area. They'll help you determine what offers are fair and which ones are too low. Plus, they'll guide you in setting the right asking price, because if it's too high, you won't get many, if any, offers, and if it's too low, you won’t make as much money from the sale.


An experienced agent will compare your house to similar ones in the area that have recently sold to help you set the right asking price. This will help avoid either of these mistakes.


Interview real estate agents to make sure you choose the right one for you.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out how long they’ve been an agent and how long they’ve been working in your area. Ask them about recent sales they’ve closed on. This will show you how successful they are and if they’re getting top dollar for the homes they’ve sold. You can also ask for a list of past clients to use as referrals.  Call them to find out what they really thought of the agent and their performance.


If you’re thinking of selling it on your own, I get it. It saves you from paying a commission to the agent. BUT – you run the risk of not getting top dollar for your home. Agents have several ways they can market your home to the largest number of potential buyers, and they know how to negotiate the sale to get you the most money possible. They can also help you work through any potential issues that may arise during the process.  Our agent at Emmer Real Estate Group are experienced and knowledgeable in several markets in most of Southeastern Wisconsin! Contact us today!


2. Setting the Right Asking Price


You’ll have a hard time selling your home if you don’t set the right asking price. If it’s too high, you may not get any offers at all, and if it's too low, you may not make as much money from the sale.

Find Comparable Properties (“Comps”)


To help you figure out what the listing price should be, your agent will put together some “comps”. Comps are properties in your neighborhood that are similar to yours. Agents, and even appraisers, will look at the sales price of these comps from your neighborhood that are similar to your home in order to determine the current market value of your home.


3. Remove Clutter And Stage


To ensure your home makes a lasting impression, proper staging is essential to showcase your home in the best way. This may involve arranging your house differently than you have it now. Hiring a professional stager to guide you along may be worth the extra cost in the end. They will give you expert advice on decluttering to how to make rooms appear more spacious.  This is very important because you’ll want potential buyers to envision themselves in the space.