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  • Its a Mad Mad Mad Presidential Primary!!! Or is it?

    Thursday, March 10, 2016   /   by Jack Freiheit

    Its a Mad Mad Mad Presidential Primary!!! Or is it?

    First off...if you think this is going to be one of those blogs that starts ranting for one candidate or another...its not. As almost every veteran news commentator has proclaimed in the past several weeks: this is one of the most unusual and memorable presidential campaigns ever. That may be. But for those who are miffed by the ebb and flow of it...I have this to say. And its something good. What you have witnessed for the last several months, in all its surprise twists, and high level of emotion is not bad at all. In fact its what makes America...America. It is free enterprise at its best. Think about it. You have candidates who have families from Cuba who came to this country with nothing and are now presidential candidates! You have a zillionaire business man who has never held public office! You have male and female candidates! You have black and white candidates (or did). Its awesome! Can you imagine such a spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives in Russia? Or any other place for that matter? I say...its something to celebrate. Its a wonderful political theater unfolding in the freeest and greatest nation on earth. Enjoy and lets all eagerly await its outcome!