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  • Make Your House Safe For Kids!

    Thursday, February 18, 2016   /   by Jack Freiheit

    Make Your House Safe For Kids!

    Did you know that each year more children die from preventable injuries in the home than from ALL childhood diseases combined! Wow...that is an alarming statement, especially to a father of 6 and grandfather to 5 such as myself. But taking a few preventative measures to protect your kids could save lives and keep many hearts from breaking:
    1. Have working smoke detectors in EVERY room. This is the seat belt of home safety. You just can't ignore it. 
    2. Keep firearms and amo LOCKED UP where kids can't access them. TV has made them so attractive and interesting. So they are a huge source of curiosity.
    3. Put pesticides, drain cleaners, and laundry products on high shelves where little hands can't reach.
    4. If you still have fuses shame on you! Putting your family in harms way with a substandard electrical system is inexcusable.
    5. When you remodel take out permits! They are designed to protect YOU! The dad who wired his rec room with 75 extension cords resulting in a fire that killed all his kids wished he had read this article.
    So be safe. Love your kids...by making a child friendly house.